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Welcome to the Career Services Department! Here you will find information/links which will help you prepare and search for job and internship opportunities. Additionally, you will find resources available at UNVA to help you at each stage of the career search and beyond. We will also be posting the latest information about job fairs, on campus interviews and networking sessions. To make the Career Services Department interactive, we also encourage our students to share information about the job openings and internships with their fellow students. You will be able to find all this right here. So keep visiting this page.

Before you scroll down, a quick note. Improving services for our students is a continuing process. Therefore, your feedback is very important for us. Send us an email, drop by or call and let us know what you think about the Career Services Department and how can we further improve our services.

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Job/Internship Opportunities

Career Services Department in Moodle will remain the primary source of jobs postings and news etc. By clicking on the links below, you will be directed to Moodle. However, we will be sending out tweets too. So follow us on Twitter to get the latest the fastest.

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What is a resume? A resume is one to two pages long document representing your relevant education, work experiences, and knowledge base. Despite the importance of the resume in the job seeking process, it receives a look over of less than 60 seconds. In this brief time, the reader decides whether to invite you for the interview or not. Therefore, we want to make sure that you have the best resume possible. A bad resume can adversely affect chances of securing an interview.

If you would like your resume to be reviewed we can offer that service in person by appointment. Some links on resume writing have been listed below.


Resume Preparation Do's and Don'ts

50 Buzzwords You Shouldn't Use on Your Resume

7 Ways Your Resume Dates You

The Worst Mistake You Can Make On Your Resume

Top 10 Resume Blunders

What NOT to do: 7 ways to ruin your resume

Resume Critique Checklist

Cover Letter

What is a cover letter? It is a page long letter which accompanies the resume. Remember it is not a summary of your resume. Although many employers do not ask for it , sending it with your resume is recommended. What is the purpose of the cover letter? It helps you stand out in a stack of resumes. It also gets you more time for the reader to know you better. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to thank the potential employer for the time.

If you need help with a cover letter we can help. Schedule an appointment and we will be able to assist you in person.

Some links are listed below to help you get started with the cover letter.


How to Write a Cover Letter?

What to Include in a Cover Letter?


Once you have secured a job interview it is important that you are aware of how to present yourself in the best light. Interviews serve dual purposes. It helps the potential employer to meet you in person and it also gives you the opportunity to ask certain questions. It is critical to understand the do's and don'ts of job interview. Interview phase comprises of three stages- pre, during and post interview. In order to stand out, you need to know what to do in each stage. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are uncomfortable about the thought of attending an interview. If you are one of them you might benefit from making an appointment to perform a mock interview with a Career Services advisor.

Some useful links have been listed below to help you prepare for the interview.


Preparing for an Interview

10 Steps to a better Interview Performance

Interview Questions- Don't just learn the answers, understand the questions


Securing jobs is often about who you know. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in career networking activities such as keeping in contact with former classmates and colleagues. We also emphasize maintaining good relationships with former professors and employers not only for networking reasons but also because they could be good choices to use as personal or professional references.

Course guidance

Students can often be unsure as to what careers are available to them after graduation. Career Services Department can offer advice on common careers and job titles that can be expected for graduates of your field. Schedule a meeting and let us help you.