Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The University of Northern Virginia's Master of Business Administration Program prepares students for management and leadership positions in "old" and "new" economy businesses throughout the world. MBA students are exposed to a balanced emphasis, a solid foundation that includes business fundamentals, tools and models useful for making decisions, and a healthy exposure to information technology.


Each MBA Program is comprised of fourteen three-credit courses (42 credit hours) and is divided into three groups of courses. The first group, or "Cornerstone Courses", provides students with a solid academic foundation upon which the second group, or "Core Courses", is built. This second group gives students the necessary knowledge and skills to be effective managers in a marketplace that is increasingly global and technological. The third group, or "Concentration Courses", allows students the opportunity to develop further a specific area of interest. Currently, UNVA offers eight areas of specialized concentrations (majors):