International Student Services Office

Office of International Student Advisor (OISA)/Designated School Official (DSO)
The OISA/DSO performs a number of functions which are critical and sensitive especially for the international students. We have listed below the most common services for which you would need to contact this office. Being a busy office, we strongly urge you to visit after an appointment. You can contact this office through:
Telephone: 703 941 0949 Extn.147

DSO Functions
   • Academic Request for Reduced Course Load
       1) If a student needs to take a reduced course load for academic reasons, then the following form needs to be recommended by the Academic Advisor and submitted to Designated School Official (DSO):      
       2) Some of the common academic reasons include:
            a. Being placed in the improper course level.
            b. Facing difficulties with English language or the foreign culture.
            c. Needs less than a full course load to complete course of study in the current term.
       3) If you have an academic concern, not listed above, necessitating reduced course load, please consult Office of the International Student Advisor (OISA) at

   • Change of Address
       1) If you change your address please follow these steps:
          • Update your address using ‘Edit Profile’ in the Student Portal.
          • Fill and submit the following form in the Registration office:   (Form: )
2) If you are on F-1 including OPT, OPT Extension or have applied for reinstatement or change of status to F-1, also fill and submit the  AR-11 form to USCIS:  (Form: )
          • After completing the above mentioned steps, contact the DSO to confirm that your address has been updated in the SEVIS.


    • Extension of I-20
      1) 45 days before the expiration of I-20, complete and submit the following form:   
       (Form: )
      2) The form needs to be recommended by the Academic Advisor.
      3) The reasons under which I-20 can be extended are listed on the form.
      4) If the reason to extend the I-20 is not listed on the form, please consult DSOs.
      5) Remember it is entirely the student’s responsibility to submit the extension request in time.

   • Medical Leave (For Reduced Course Load or Leave Of Absence)
      1) If you have been advised by the doctor for reduced course load or complete absence from the classes, you need to fill the following form:     (Form: )
      2) A doctor’s note must be attached to the form. The doctor is required to be licensed in the US and the note should clearly state the time of your medical conditions/illness.
      3) You cannot leave the US if on Medical leave unless you complete the Travel authorization form needs to be submitted if you have to leave the US.

   • Optional Practical Training (OPT)
      1) Fill OPT Appointment Request Form preferably in the first month of your last term.
      2) You can either email or deposit the form in OISA’s office.     
      3) On receipt of the form, OISA will send out an email with a checklist/procedure.
   • OPT Extension (Applicable to BI, IT and CS Students Only)
      1) 3-4 months prior to the OPT expiration, send an email to OISA requesting OPT extension.
      2) We do offer online processing for a fee. Please contact OISA for more information.

   • Request for Approval to Withdraw from UNVA/ Cease Attendance
     1) Submit the following form selecting the reason for the request:    
        (Form: )
     2) Please note that if you also want to stop attending classes, then you would need to submit the following form at the Registration office as well:    (Form: )

   • Request for Cancellation of F-1 Status
     1) Submit the following form stating the reason for the cancellation:   
        (Form: )

   • Request for Change of Status to F-1
     1) Submit the following form along with the supporting documents:    
         (Form: )
     2) Please contact OISA for further information and assistance.
   • Request for Dependent I-20
      1) Submit the following form along with the supporting documents:    
         (Form: )
      2) The supporting documents include:
         a. Copy of I-20.
         b. A copy of the essential pages of your passport and your dependents.
         c. A copy of your most recent US visa.
         d. A copy of your current I-94 Arrival Departure Record and dependents if any (Small white card attached to your passport at the point of entry).
         e. UNVA transcript showing continuous enrollment or current registration form.
         f. An original bank statement showing at least $3500.00 for spouse and each child you wish to bring to the US.
        g. An affidavit of support letter from F-1 student.
        h. A copy of proof of relationship between F-1 and F-2 applicant(s).
   • Transferring Out
     1) If a student wants to transfer out he/she must submit the following forms/documents:
       •Acceptance letter from the new school.
       •Transfer out form (from the new school).
       •Withdrawal form.        
       • Registration form (to drop the classes, if you are not willing to complete the classes in the current term).       (Form:

   • Travel Authorization / Emergency Leave
     1) If a student has to travel outside the US in an emergency, after he/she has been registered for the term, then the following form needs to be filled:
         (Form: )
     2) The travel authorization would need to be approved by the Academic Advisor. An email from the Academic Advisor is also acceptable.
     3) A maximum of two weeks can be granted as an emergency leave.

   • Vacation
     1) Students should apply during the registration period of the term they intend taking vacation in. For example, if you want to proceed on vacation in winter term, then you should submit your application during the registration period of winter term
     2) Fill the form and when the leave is approved, you will receive the approval email within 2-5 business days. 

     3) If you have dependents in the US on F-2 visa who are travelling out of US, their I-20 forms also need to be endorsed by the DSO.