Information Systems Technology

Master of Science in Information Systems Technology

UNVA's Information Systems Technology program is designed to equip both technology managers and business managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to align technology with the strategic goals of business. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts and methods required to design, build and manage information technology. In addition the student will architect client server applications, develop data communication and networking strategy, assess the business risks and rewards of new information technology, apply re-engineering principles to business processes, and understand the role of the technology manager in business planning.

Cornerstone Courses: 15 credit hours

ACTG 500 Accounting Concepts and Applications
BMTG 500 Principles of Management
FINA 500 Money, Banking and Financial Markets
IMSC 500 Information Systems Technology
MKTG 510 Electronic Commerce

Core Courses: 15 credit hours

CSCI 512 Computer Architecture
CSCI 518 Data Communications Theory
IMSC 512 Information Assurance
IMSC 518 Technology and Operations Management
IMSC 522 Database Design and Processing

Concentration: 12 credit hours (choose 4 courses)**

CSCI 534 Computer and Information Networking
CSCI 541 Computer Graphics
CSCI 552 Current Development in Computer Science I
CSCI 553 Current Development in Computer Science II
CSCI 571 Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 576 Expert Systems
CSCI 587 Special Topics in Information Technology I
CSCI 588 Special Topics in Information Technology II
IMSC 598 Directed Research
IMSC 599 Information Systems Project
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** In selecting Concentration courses, students are advised to consult with both the Chair of the Computer Science Department and their Academic Advisor.