Graduate Transfer

  • Transfer students must arrange for required materials, including official transcripts, to be forwarded to the Admissions Office. Until all records are available to the Admissions Office, the transfer student will be enrolled under a conditional admission agreement.
  • Transfer students may receive credit for course work with a B or better for graduate admissions, up to nine credit hours, provided the courses are deemed similar or equivalent to courses offered at the University. Once an applicant is accepted and all documents and transcripts have been received, the appropriate academic department evaluates the transcripts to determine the number of credits that may be transferred.
  • A maximum of nine credit hours may be transferred (three courses of three credit hours each, or two courses of four credit hours each).
  • The evaluation may include a substitution list for required courses where the number of hours completed exceed the maximum number of transfer hours permitted.
  • Example: A transfer student has completed four courses of three credits each with the grade of B or better. Three of the courses transfer with credit.The fourth course on the transcript taken is also a required course in the UNVA curriculum. Rather than repeating a course, a course substitution will be given to the student to take a specific elective within the UNVA program to provide a breadth of knowledge and obviate the necessity to retake a course that has already been successfully completed.


Ownership of Documents

All applications, papers, documents, and other material submitted by the student are the legal property of the University. All legal documents will be held as prescribed by law, and access provided only as established by law. All tests, papers and projects may be retained by UNVA to document students' work effort in their classes. Professors may require the student to return graded material as evidence of the student's efforts in a graded class.

See also, Alternate Credit Options.

Transfer Credit

University policy permits a student to transfer up to a maximum of nine (9) credit hours from other institutions at the Masters degree level. The Vice-President for Academic Affairs is the final arbiter in the decision as to whether the University will accept transfer credits and how these credits will be used in the student's academic program. All requests must be made on the form furnished by the University.

Credit Waiver
UNVA does not issue Waivers for credit previously earned at another institution.