English proficiency

Communication within an academic or professional setting call for diverse skills that can be learned, practiced, and perfected. The English proficiency program is designed to improve the ability to communicate effectively in preparation for the rigors of graduate academics.

International students who have not graduated from a 4-year institution in an English-speaking country must attain a score of 550 (paper) or 230 (computerized) on the TOEFL or 5.5 on IELTs (International English Language Test systems). If students do not have a score or score lower than this, they must take UNVA's English placement test. This placement test is administered several times a quadmester: students register for it through their advisor. The English placement test will assess student skills and correlate them to a recommended English proficiency program course.

Course completion is graded "Satisfactory"/ "Unsatisfactory". Students are expected to achieve one indicator (demonstration of mastery of a course communication objective) for every two weeks of class. A student must achieve three out of four "Satisfactory" indicators in order to earn a "Satisfactory" for the course. Specific course objectives and indicators demonstrating skill mastery are available in the English and Communication Division offices, and on each course syllabus.

AESL 099 English Proficiency Program Introduction

This course develops the fundamental skills in English. Students concentrate on speaking, reading, writing and listening in a highly interactive class. The instructor gives special attention and guidance as students progress from sentence production to the paragraph level, and as verbal interactions are simulated for a variety of purposes. An oral project, in-class and out-of-class writings are required. 4 credits.

AESL 101 English Proficiency Program Level I

This course expands the students' abilities to communicate from the paragraph to essay or theme level. Business vocabulary and topics are introduced. Weekly summaries, 3-minute oral project, 1-page paper or newsletter, individual and group projects are required. Projects are designed as preparation for the academic rigors demanded in graduate coursework. 4 credits.

AESL 102 English Proficiency Program Level II

This course is intended for the student with a good grasp of English. It improves the speaking and written abilities to a level expected of undergraduate and graduate students. Technical and business concepts are employed in oral and written projects demonstrating the ability to research information and present it formally; projects are designed to prepare students for communication needed on the job. Weekly summaries, 3-page researched paper, and a formal oral report is required. 4 credits.

AESL 103 English Proficiency Program Level III

Development of team presentation skills. Using SIM City Theme park, the course challenges students to manage the park by writing job descriptions, interviewing each other for the park manager position and making a hiring decision, answering community environmental concerns when applying for zoning, writing safety guidelines (as if for an OSHA inspector), answering community complaints, managing a budget, researching other theme parks. 4 credits.