Co-Op Program

UNVA NEW CPT Application Guidelines

Before You Apply:


All CPT courses must be registered manually; online registration is not available. Do not register for the CPT course, until you are instructed to do so by the Career Services Dept.

Do not apply unless a job has been offered to you and a written job description issued by the employer on the official letterhead with an officer's signature is available.

• The deadline for CPT application for the Winter 2012 term is January 4, 2012.
The Career Services Department will not accept any new applications after the deadline with NO Exceptions!

• CPT application is not guaranteed for approval. Students are advised to register for a full course load (minimum of 6 credit hours; with only one online course) before applying for CPT.

•All CPT courses are 3-credit-hour courses. To maintain a full-time course load, you must register for a minimum of two courses (6 credit hours). If a student registers for two courses and one of those courses is a CPT course, the second course must be a "lecture" course. If a student registers for three or more courses and one of those is a CPT course, then the student can take one online course.


If none of the above listed items apply to you, flip the page and proceed to the CPT Flow Chart. Good luck on your application process!