Academic Advising

Academic Advising

The basic goal of academic advising at UNVA is to provide students with the information needed to complete a degree program successfully. The aim is not only to provide specific information about courses and degree requirements, but also to help students explore educational and career options to further their understanding of the nature and purpose of higher education. The advising system is designed so that:

  • Each student has an assigned advisor. A student with a declared major is assigned to a faculty member in the student's major department.
  • Each student meets with the assigned advisor during the registration or pre-registration process and has ample opportunity to discuss the academic program and other concerns with that faculty member.
  • Each student has access to departmental checklists that outline and summarize specific degree requirements. Students must meet the prerequisites for a course, or have special permission from the course-offering department to waive the prerequisites. Students may be dropped from the class if found not to meet requirements.
  • Each student has the ultimate responsibility for completing his or her degree program.




Christine Dai

Director, Doctoral Programs

Brook Teng

Chair, Business Administration

Martin Tesler

Chair, Computer Science and Information Systems Department